Overview of Services

SITE EVALUATION – Location. Location. Location. Choosing the right spot to build prior to actual design is critical. That’s why we help clients and architects evaluate things like soils studies, setback requirements, zoning issues, etc.

PERMIT SERVICES – Unfortunately, red tape is a large part of any building process. So we can help with obtaining permits for all aspects of building – from septic approval and bulkheads to storm water systems and zoning variances. We’ll work with these agencies to make sure your project is monitored throughout the process.

FINANCIAL EVALUATION – For residential projects, we assist in preparing bank documentation as well as analyzing the total project compared to other ones nearby where resale may be a major concern to the owner. We will work with the architect from the beginning design stages to provide current price analysis of systems and details to ensure that budgets align with plans so as to avoid those final bid shocks that we all too often hear about. For commercial projects, we offer complete project pro-forma services up to and including bank documentation for construction loans. We meet with the owner at the very beginning stages to help outline budgets and overall cost considerations for all those things that are overlooked until it’s too late.

VALUE ENGINEERING – Here we can put our 40+ years of experience to work by assisting the architect and owner during the design process. By carefully tracking each component during the pre- and mid-design stages of plan development, we help ensure that the final plans and specifications are in line with the client’s budget. If changes need to be made, we can offer suggestions based on a wide range of experience working with many products and systems as a result of our many years of doing this, and doing it successfully.

POST CONSTRUCTION SERVICES – Since we know our client’s homes better than anyone, we often help with additions, remodels and maintenance after clients have lived in their homes for a while. For more on this, please see Special Services.

COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION – Many don’t realize that a good number of our projects are commercial in nature rather than residential. In fact, over the years, we’ve built a variety of office buildings, condominiums, retail stores, schools, banks, churches and daycare centers. To see examples click here.